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Our Story

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We moved to Bluffton in 2008 because of a job opportunity.  We never thought to stay, but because of people we met that turned into great friends, a warm and loving community, we decided to make this town our hometown.   Since then, we purchased our first home, became parents, and enjoying our career, just loving the Lowcountry life.

In 2018, Our happy life changed drastically. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December. Our world once always sunshine has turned into a dark and gloomy day. It was an unavoidable phase that we have to go through and surpass. My husband and I sailed on to life in making the best of our Holidays for our boys. It was the saddest Christmas for us but seeing my boys' bright smiles made us realize that we can conquer anything as long as we do it together.  

In January 2019, I lost a part of me physically, along with it my faith.  Despite successful surgery, I had so many questions about why this happened to me.  A wave of overwhelming anger in my heart and daily physical struggles to tackle. A shaken faith during my recovery put me in the darkest place. My husband struggled too in taking care of me, the boys, and work. It was overwhelming for him.  He created a group called "The Warrior's Journey".  The purpose of this page is to update friends & family, but it was a cry for help and finding encouragement in our darkest. Sharing our journey made our struggle bearable.  The community brought back the sunshine to our lives through prayers, meal trains, warm thoughts, books, blankets, and most especially, candles.  Every time I lit a candle, it gives me healing in my dark moments.  It gives me hope and resembles everyone who has been a part of our journey. Every spark is a symbol of hope and faith that rekindled my soul.    I started making candles to share with family and friends as a thank you gift. They loved it knowing that I use natural soy wax, no additives, no dyes, fragrance oil infused with essential oils and zinc, lead-free wicks. Bluffton Candles was born. I continued to perfect each candle scents, and I get to feel the heart of the Lowcountry with every pouring of these candles. Bluffton Candles is nostalgic because it does not only represent our hometown but represents the people, the community that makes this the Heart of the Lowcountry.