Our Story

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The story of Bluffton Candles and how we got started is vital to what we do, day in and day out.  

Creating A Beautiful Life in Bluffton

Angie & Leo moved to Bluffton in 2008 because of a job opportunity. Both Angie and Leo were working in the hospitality industry and wore many hats including event planning, finance, management, and customer service (all great foundations for their career today). Since 2008, they purchased their first home, became parents to two wonderful children, and enjoyed the Lowcountry life.  It was the true American Dream.

The “C” word

In 2018, the happy life that they had built was threatened with the ugliest word there is: cancer.  Angie was diagnosed with breast cancer in December and their world turned upside down. The fear and anxiety was intense.  That Christmas was one of the most difficult ones in their history, but their commitment to each other remained and their ability to get through the dark time together was a testament to how strong they could be.

Losing Faith

Times were difficult for Angie & Leo and their boys for awhile. Angie had to loose part of herself physically through surgery, which lead to many difficult questions and an overwhelming feeling of anger.  Leo struggled to find support in our area.

Finding Hope

Leo so he created a group called “The Warrior’s Journey” which was meant to update friends and family during their difficult time.  The community gave back sunshine through prayers, meal trains, warm thoughts, books, blankets, and candles. Everytime Angie lit a candle, she felt a sense of hope and comfort. She bought a candle making kit and started making them for family and friends, as thank you gifts for their support during her journey.  She started experimenting with different scents and the product itself, and discovered a true passion for making something with her hands and creating a gift from scratch. She wanted more people to experience the joy and hope that she felt and together, they have turned it into a business.