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The Story behind Bluffton Candles

I will start with saying how grateful I am for you taking your time visiting our page. You may wonder why we named our small business to Bluffton Candles, let me tell you why.

We have lived in Bluffton for 11 years and in those years, we had purchased our first home, had kids, made wonderful friendships throughout the years and had a great church to go to every Sunday. We are living the low country way and loving it every day!

In 2018, our seemed happy and content lives shaken. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Dec. 2018. Our world was once always sunshine has turned into dark and gloomy every day. It was an unavoidable phase that we have to go through and must surpass it. Me and my husband tried to make the best of our 2018 Holidays for our boys and when we saw those bright smiles from our boys faces on Christmas Day, we knew we can conquer anything as long as we do it together. January 2019 was my surgery and it was the day when I lost a part of me physically and along with it my faith...... So much why? in my head, overwhelming anger in my heart and daily physical struggles. With no faith during my recovery put me in the darkest place. Leo, my love had his struggles too as he was taking care of me and the boys-and still has to go to work and make a living for all of us. As I said, recovering without faith, anger consumed my heart. During this time, Leo had already created a group that is called “The Warriors Journey”. It was a page or group created to update friends and family but personally I felt it was a cry for help and encouragement. Help in a way that Leo was struggling with his faith. It was sharing our journey with everyone made our struggle bearable. Those prayers, warm thoughts, meal train, warrior shirts, gifts, flowers, books, cards and chocolate from everyone brought sunshine to our lives and felt the kindness and love from family, friends and the community.

You probably ask, when did the candles came about? I love candles! “It makes me happy when skies are grey”, I know it’s a song.... But seriously, I lit candle every night while reading a book and one night it was my last candle. I thought I can make my own candles using all natural, environmental-friendly materials and I won’t run out of it. I did and shared it with friends and family, surprisingly they all loved it.  This is when it all started— Why candles? Because it symbolizes light in the darkness. I’m in my darkest moments as I lit a candle that was given to me as a gift, every spark come a realization of hope and peace, while scents filled my room, my heart was full and rekindled my soul.

I am writing this during my 3rd chemo infusion and at this point I have restored my Faith, a Faith that will never be shaken because I know in my darkest days, we were never abandoned at all. Prayers can move mountain and I am grateful for those who have awaken my soul.

It is with a full heart I present to you Bluffton Candles “Feel the heart of the Lowcountry”. Our candles are special not only because of our environmental-friendly materials used but because there is a story behind it, A story of Faith, sense of community, and love. When you have Bluffton Candles in your home or give as gifts to someone, note that candle was made with love and that in your darkest moments I hope that every light you feel the heart of the low country.

Paying it forward...... We are opening our doors to help nonprofit organization for fund raisers. Please let us know how we can help you.

With all our love,
Leo & Angie
Bluffton Candles | March 2019